Estrada Balacende-Muxaluando e Acesso à Canacassala

Total rehabilitation of the Balacende-Muxualuando road and access to Canacassala, involving grading, paving, drainage and signage work.

The pavement structure is comprised of a sub-base layer of selected soils 0.15 m thick, a base layer of tout-vennant, 0.15 m thick, and a wearing course in asphalt 0.04 m thick. 30 236 ml of gutters, 24 644 ml of curb/gutter and 533 ml of surface water runoffs were built.

Along the length of the section there are 74 water crossings, 20 of which were completely rehabilitated. 281,71 m3 of cyclopean concrete were produced for the construction of wing / header walls and base slabs for water crossings.


Bengo, Angola


extensão total
39.7 km
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