Estrada Caxito-Balacende

Total rehabilitation of the Caxito- Balacende road, involving grading, paving, drainage and signage work.

The pavement structure is comprised of a sub-base layer of selected soils 0.15 m thick, a base layer of the same thickness and materials as the sub base, and a wearing course in asphalt 0.04 m thick. 18 624 ml of gutters, 14 246 ml of curb/gutter and 2 383 ml of surface water runoffs were built. Along the length of the section there are 71 water crossings, 8 of which were completely rehabilitated. 381.6 ml of cyclopean concrete were produced for the construction of side/ header walls and base slabs for water crossings.


Bengo, Angola



total length

51.6 km
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