June 30, 2020
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
The image today is a tool for selling all kinds of products, from a piece of clothing to a digital brand - pinterest. The brand image of the products plays a huge role in consumerism and in some cases “you buy a cat in a poke” thanks to the feelings that are provoked to your observers and consumers.
The architecture market today needs more than a good architectural project to attract its customers, as they already live in the digital world, where images have a decisive weight.
How bad can an image sell a project? Are the criteria of good architecture being replaced by an image / video, where the heat of the sun's rays is reflected in the different materials or even the rough and cold texture of the stones on the facades can be felt with the naked eye?
The aid to images to show the ideas of architectural professionals is a valuable support for better communication between the various agents involved in the projects, however, the rules defined to obtain good architecture should not be substituted.
Architecture professionals must not allow their projects to stop being functional, environmentally effective and with characteristics adapted to their function, the needs of their users and the environment in which they operate.
Abandoning the concepts and processes of creation and thinking in the professional areas, specifically in Architecture, nullifies it by itself, it means removing the soul and beauty from a whole process of study, learning and sensitivity that no image can translate.
The images should be an aid to transmit an idea or solution, whether in a conceptual phase or even in execution, they should never replace the methodologies, processes, necessary parts and the particularities that differentiate a good from a bad architecture.
The use of tools that provide a three-dimensional study and simulation of the environment allows to improve details that are possibly more noticeable when we have the use of images with a set of definitions intended for the project: materials, trees, furniture, light / shade, among others .