Press - Porto do Lobito reassesses management strategies

August 23, 2021
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The concession processes for the multipurpose and mining terminals of the Porto do Lobito were submitted this Friday (20), to the assessment of the company's Extended Advisory Board, with a view to improving the proposals.

According to a statement from the port company, the meeting will also serve to settle the Final Port Planning Plan (SOAPRO), the Strategic Development Plan (GEPE) and the Environmental Management Plan “Defense and Security”.

The degree of compliance with the recommendations issued by the first Advisory Board, at the consulate of President João Lourenço, fills the agenda of the second, which starts in the early hours of this morning and ends in the middle of the afternoon.

From the recommendations produced by the first Enlarged Advisory Board, the need to ensure that operators in the Lobito corridor's logistics chain are able to understand the world market in order to compete with the most experienced competitors in the business world stand out, among others.

Regarding terminal concessions, the recommendation was to ensure real guarantees that future partners make them competitive, reducing the time the goods remain in the port area and investing in modern machinery and equipment.

Another recommendation from the I Advisory Board, whose level of execution is also assessed at today's meeting, has to do with the creation of a joint commission, made up of technicians from the Porto do Lobito, from the Benguela Railroads (CFB) and the Municipal Administration of Lobito, for the preparation of proposals and suggestions to be introduced, as amendments to the Municipal Master Plan.

in Jornal de Angola of 21/08/2021