Plano Director da Península do Mussulo

Invited Competition for the preparation of a Master Plan for the Urban Renewal of the Mussulo Peninsula, south of Luanda Island.

The proposal presented will be an indispensable tool for the redevelopment of the landscape of the Peninsula and of its built assets - public and private - allowing the entire area of intervention to be provided with minimal conditions for health - energy, drinking water, sanitation and roads - and in parallel enabling the development of new centres to stimulate the local economy such as a new hotel and support services infrastructure - public transport, health, security, food services, entertainment and leisure facilities, among others.

Gabinete de Gestão do Pólo de Desenvolvimento Turístico do Futungo de Belas e do Mussulo

Luanda, Angola



Intervention Area

3 970 ha
soapro estudos e projectos
urban planning