Academia Soapro present at Top Leaders

October 07, 2022
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As “Evolution” is a theme that fits perfectly with our new business area of ​​technical training, Academia Soapro will be present today and tomorrow in the Top leaders of Angola 2022.

We aim to inspire Luanda's leadership community with a project that will enable their companies to sustain, create and capture value.

“With Evolution we will be ready for the Future.”


Luanda will host from the 7th to the 8th of October this year the new edition of “TOP Líderes”, in an initiative by Jason Angola, which aims to bring good management practices and new leadership trends in the country to an increasingly significant number of organizations and professionals.

The first inter-company leadership program, held in the Angolan capital, returns with the 2022 edition to challenge each participant to explore their potential as a people manager, and will feature the presence of several companies, such as Nestlé, Banco de Fomento Angola, MSTelcom, Anglobal and Soapro.

The realization of TOP Líderes is important, because evolution takes place through the activation of collaborative networks. Because it is essential to share ideas and strategies in people management, in response to future trends. Because we want to inspire the leadership community, leveraging strong synergies that guarantee greater sustainability in the long-term business”.

It is the community that has the ability to set the pace of evolution, to inspire change with the definition of new drivers, leading and influencing the corporate culture towards more agile formats of action, capable of reacting to the constant and multifaceted challenges of today's reality. .

During a day and a half, participants will be divided into small groups and challenged to go through a set of “blind experiences” associated with the major theme of this edition (evolution), which will guarantee the necessary insights for personal and personal progression. of the participants, explains the organization in the press release.

Four moments will mark the experience: reverse mentoring, immersive theater, community and strategic leadership and co-development among leaders.

Conceived by Jason Angola, TOP Leaders is a program that offers innovative methodologies for companies and people leaders who want to invest in their development, inspiring their teams to obtain more and better results.