September 12, 2019
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oapro company with three decades of experience in the field of project and construction supervision in Angola has encouraged its team to follow the advances in software supporting the development of architecture and engineering projects.
These projects cover various specialties - architecture, town planning, stability, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering - and the proper matching of all results in high quality projects.
The Building Information Modeling (BIM) system allows all these disciplines to be designed, scaled, quantified and broken down through software.
like Revit.
Revit is Autodesk BIM software that enables three-dimensional modeling of the project with all the expertise needed to complete the work.
The three-dimensional model is a collection of various information that can be developed by different users and that is automatically and constantly updated in this model regardless of the discipline or geographical position of the user who develops this part of the project, avoiding the "redo" work and allowing the real-time matching of specialties.
Revit's versatility requires knowledge of construction: the conception of the three-dimensional model must be thought of and realized as a work, if this does not include the invalid program a set of actions.
All Revit parameters, directly or indirectly, are interconnected and for this reason it allows automatic updating, however, the technician's knowledge of the execution method and architectural solutions determines the quality of the final product obtained.

The result of the training of SOAPRO architects / designers with REVIT translates into optimized project execution time and increased quality and coordination of the various specialties and allows for a bet in the search for new solutions in the field of projects that will contribute to the resolution of the problems facing the country.