Estrada do Yabi

The Yabi road is an important route located south of the city of Cabinda. Its total length is approximately 21 Km and consists of two branches. One of the branches allows access to the beach, while the other connects to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It crosses the villages of Yabi and N'Ganzi, the Yabi Penitentiary, and the district of Yabi. At these points, urban design interventions were proposed.
The Yabi road, in its original state, is often at a lower level to adjoining land, and due to the high water table, there were various flood zones.

Governo da Província de Cabinda

Cabinda, Angola


total length
21 km

design speed
90 km/h

cross section
urbano urban – 13 m + 2x4 m
rural rural – 9m + 2x2 m

7 900 m3 excavation
290 700 m3 fill
soapro estudos e projectos
hydraulic eng.
transport inf.
electrical eng.