Estrada Ponte do Lucola-Cabassango (via mercado)

This project is divided into three distinct phases. Phase 1 refers to the rehabilitation and widening of the road that connects the Lucola Bridge and Cabassango, through the Cabassango Market. Phase 2 includes the rehabilitation of the streets surrounding the Cabassango Market, with the intention of creating a further variant connection to the Buco N'Goio Road and a parking area of about 12 500 m2. In Phase 3, the rehabilitation of the existing access road to the brewery is carried out.

Overall, this reformulation will allow the separation of road traffic between the Lucola Bridge and Cabassango, thus creating a "ring" type roundabout between them.

Governo da Província de Cabinda

Cabinda, Angola


total length
5 km

design speed
60 km/h
soapro estudos e projectos
hydraulic eng.
transport inf.
electrical eng.