Extensão do Triângulo de Cabassango

The extension of the former Cabassango Triangular road network emerged following the proposal for the Cabassango circular intersection by the National Roads Institute of Angola.

The solution developed consists of a circular intersection approximately 220 m away from the new Cabassango roundabout. Between the roundabouts a dual carriage road was planned with a central reservation and two lanes on each side.

This resolved, safely and effectively, the connections to Matadouro road, to the road towards Zongolica and São Vicente, and to the road towards Zenza, as well as all other traffic from the Cabassango roundabout.

Governo da Província de Cabinda

Cabinda, Angola


total area
5 240 m2

design speed
60 Km/h

cross section
2x2 – 16 m

5 240 m3 excavation
100 m3 fill
soapro estudos e projectos
hydraulic eng.
transport inf.
electrical eng.