Plano Urbanístico de Dala 25

The intervention area of 25 hectares is located in the Land Reservation of Dala - area A (1 263 hectares). The proposal is sited at the northern end of the Land Reserve in order to ensure greater proximity to the centre of the Municipal Headquarters of Dala.

Sited to the west of the Saurimo/Dala/Luena Road, the UP is separated from it by a protective belt. Two green corridors run from here which intersect the UP, allowing for environmental and landscape improvements, drainage of rainwater, and the provision of spaces for sport and leisure. For the housing, lots of 15x20m, and 20x20m, and detached and semi detached houses and are used, attaining a ratio of 17 dwellings/ha.

Governo Provincial da Lunda-Sul

Lunda-Sul, Angola


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