Reabilitação da Estrada entre a Rua Duque de Chiazi e a Rua que liga a Rotunda 28 de Maio à Rua Tchindjiembo

The road begins at Duque de Chiazi street, and continues parallel to the boundary wall of the Chevron property to the junction with the road that connects the 28 de Maio roundabout to the Tchindjiembo street; a distance of approximately 450 m.

The rehabilitation includes the urban landscaping of the road, with the delineation of carriageways and pavements, as well as the creation of new plumbing, power and telecommunications infrastructure. With regard to the water courses, their layout will be made compatible with the macrodrainage project planned for Cabinda.

Governo da Província de Cabinda

Cabinda, Angola


total length
450 m

design speed

60 km/h

cross section

1x1 – 3.25 m


1140 m3 escavação excavation
27 m3 aterro fil
soapro estudos e projectos
hydraulic eng.
transport inf.
electrical eng.