Rua do Matadouro

The Matadouro road forms the link between two of the city’s most important streets: Duque de Chiazi street and Forças Armadas street.

The final project includes two lanes and perpendicular parking perfectly integrated with the immediate surrounding area.

This project reflects our dedication to creating effective, long lasting, and safe solutions that are in harmony with the surrounding location.

Governo da Província de Cabinda


Cabinda, Angola



total length

350 m

design speed

60 km/h

cross section

1x2 – 8 m

volume terraplenagens earthworks

1 300 m3 escavação excavation
120 m3 aterro fill

soapro estudos e projectos
inf. hidráulicas hydraulic eng.
vias de comunicação transport inf.
inf. eléctricas electrical eng.
soapro estudos e projectos
hydraulic eng.
transport inf.
electrical eng.